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Tracing letters is fun. But most importantly, it serves a lot of benefits for children. Letter tracing can help kids develop and enhance their fine motor skills, which will help them in other tasks like writing and drawing. 

ABC kids tracing can also help young students with developmental disabilities to develop their language and math skills. Further, this fun, engaging activity can improve their hand and eye coordination, spatial awareness, and dexterity. 

Tracing Letters for Kids

Preschoolers can start practicing their writing skills through tracing. Tracing letters using pen and paper can also help build their penmanship, essential for school readiness. 

As kids trace curved and straight lines, they’re able to refine their muscles and coordination, which makes it easier for them to write. Introducing dot-to-dot tracing puzzles will sharpen their fine motor skills. It will also encourage them to practice counting. If your kids do not have the hand or finger strength to trace with a pen or crayon, you may encourage them to play with playdough or use an educational letter tracing app. 

If your child is ready to start writing the alphabet letters, tracing letters will help them memorize them and write them clearly. You can find hundreds of printable alphabet tracing worksheets online—most of them are free. 

Tracing can also help children build their early phonics skills. For example, some worksheets show a picture of an apple in a letter A tracing worksheet. 

Aside from learning to write the alphabet, kids can learn to draw different objects by tracing with their fingers. 

For example, before drawing a picture of a ball, your kid can first trace the object with his finger. Then, he can practice tracing the shape in the air before trying to replicate the pattern on paper. Yes, tracing helps children to recognize details, identify curved and straight lines, as well as smooth and rough surfaces. This will allow them to practice their creativity. 

ABC Tracing for Kids

Children are new to the alphabet. That’s why memorizing and understanding the letters may not be that easy for them, more so writing them. 

Kids may need a lot of time and practice until they can learn to write by hand. That’s because a large part of writing has to do with gaining control over the arm, hand, and fingers, which are all necessary to form alphabet letters and numbers. But with the help of tracing, kids can practice these skills needed for writing. 

Tracing activities should not be limited to tracing alphabets only. You may introduce tracing to your child using different objects in your house, such as toy bricks, saucers, cookie cutters, coins, and so on. Or, you may teach them to trace one of their own hands (or someone else’s hand). How about asking your child to trace your hand and compare it with his own hand tracing?

For extra fun, try spreading newspapers all over the floor. Then, have someone to lie down and let your child trace their body. 

Tracing can be a lot of fun. And when used correctly, it can teach your child many things, including writing. It’s crucial that kids know that writing fun and useful. If you add these activities into their everyday routine, they will eventually learn how to write properly. 

Zoolingo Alphabet Tracing for Kids

Zoolingo is an educational app equipped with alphabet games. Our innovative and highly-interactive mobile app is specifically designed for learners ages 2 to 7. We have a wide range of fun learning games and activities for children, perfect for their early childhood education. 

Giggle-inducing phonic songs

To help kids master the alphabet, we added alphabet tracing games to our app. We also included cheery, giggle-inducing phonic songs that kids can use to memorize the alphabet and match the letters to specific objects. For example, before tracing the letter A, they’ll enjoy a short phonic song showing the letter A and the object that starts with it, in this case, an apple. 

Our phonic songs are expertly designed by graphics designers to catch children’s attention. We are confident that your child will learn the alphabet and the words associated with each letter through our phonic songs. 

Fun, easy, and engaging

Zoolingo’s tracing game is fun, interactive, and educational. To help kids trace each letter, a short animation will be played that shows in which direction they need to move their fingers to trace each letter. This way, kids can follow the pattern and then gradually memorize how to write each letter. 

Available in 13 languages

Our tracing letters for kids app will teach them to write both uppercase and lowercase letters. One of the most prominent features of Zoolingo alphabet games is that it is available in 13 languages. So if you’re child is taking the journey to bilingualism, you can use this app to teach them the alphabet letters of other languages. 

Our tracing game is available in these languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian 
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Danish


Our tracing game is a great tool that kids can use to learn the alphabet letters of other languages. For example, the Russian alphabet and the English alphabet have different forms and sounds. By playing our letter tracing game, kids can master both the languages—in writing and speaking.

More Alphabet Games for Kids 

Zoolingo offers more than just ABC trace games. To help young learners even more, we added two more alphabet games. With these games, they will be able to master the alphabet flawlessly. 

Letter Recognition

Our second alphabet game is the letter recognition game. In this game, we challenge kids to select the letter being called out in the app. Our letter recognition game allows kids to figure out how printed text is associated with the spoken language. When kids are able to identify the letter names, they are more likely to sound out the letters much easier. 

This game is fun and easy. This is how this game works: the app will call out a letter, for example, the letter /d/. Random letters will be shown on the screen, including the letter D. Kids will then select which letter matches the phonic sound. 

The ability to identify letters is critical for children to learn reading. It’s also an important step that kids must take before phonemic awareness and phonemic decoding. 

Letter Sequencing

The next alphabet game in the Zoolingo app will teach children to put the letters in alphabetical order. In this game, our app will show a short set of alphabet letters. Kids will be asked to select the correct letter that will complete the displayed set of alphabet letters. 

By playing this game, kids will recall what they have learned from the alphabet songs, phonic songs, tracing games, and the letter recognition game. It will challenge them to think about what letter comes after the letter N and before the letter P.

We believe that children must be able to identify letters whether they are in or out of sequence. Letter sequencing has been proven effective in boosting memorization and logical thinking. Kids who are exposed to this kind of game have improved thinking ability and sharpened logical thinking. 

More Fun Games and Activities

Zoolingo offers more than just alphabet games. We have hundreds of other games that will enrich your child’s literacy. Our games are intuitive, child-friendly, and easy-to-navigate. They are also designed in a way that will improve children’s fine and gross motor skills. 

For example, we have plenty of drag-and-drop puzzles. Not only will they stimulate your child’s logical thinking but also enhance their ability to control their hand and fingers as they drag the puzzle pieces to their correct positions. 

We also have coloring pages where kids can practice their creativity. Most notably, because children will be picking colors and applying them to certain areas in the coloring sheet, they can practice their fine motor skills even more. 

Take note, refining children’s motor skills (hand and finger control) is a precursor to writing. It will also help them build their penmanship. 

We aim to make children academically successful. To do that, we created an educational app that aims to widen their knowledge in literacy, mathematics, and more. 

Download Zoolingo Now

Set the stage for your child’s early education with Zoolingo. Zoolingo is an innovative, educational app for children. Our zoo-themed games will teach kids all they need to know to become literate and excellent achievers. 

Many parents and teachers love Zoolingo because they’ve seen how this fantastic kid’s app has helped their kids master the alphabet. Best of all, Zoolingo offers games that cover different subjects, including spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, and more. 

Zoolingo has reached over 4 million downloads. So go ahead and give Zoolingo a spin. You can download Zoolingo on your iOS or Android device.