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How do you teach kids the alphabet? Many parents use phonic songs and flashcards, and some use kids ABC app. Alphabet app for kids usually has the components that keep children focused on learning the letters through fun activities and games. It’s an effective tool to teach kids the alphabet because they make the process easy and fun. 

If you’re looking for the best ABC kids app for your kindy toddler, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will talk about Zoolingo and how it can help your child learn the alphabet. 

Zoolingo: The Best ABC App for Kids

Zoolingo is an educational app designed for children ages 2 to 7. Kids who start to show interest in learning the alphabet can benefit from this innovative app. It features hundreds of fun puzzles and games that promote auditory, cognitive, and language development. When your child starts to use Zoolingo, they will learn the alphabet and other subject areas, including mathematics and geometry. 

This app appeals to young learners, thanks to its lively and vivid graphics that highlight adorable animals. As kids play the alphabet games and other puzzle activities in the app, they will meet zoo animals and learn their names and sounds. 

Zoolingo can also help your child to widen their vocabulary. Our app introduces different words to children—from animals, seasons, day, month, body parts to fruits and vegetables. 

The app’s intuitive and child-friendly design guarantees to catch your child’s attention right away. Besides the attention-grabbing design, children can enjoy plenty of phonic songs in each alphabet game, helping them memorize and identify letters. 

Zoolingo Games for Learning the Alphabet

Our educational app has features that help young minds master the alphabet letters in a fun, stress-free way. We built Zoolingo to provide interactive and enjoyable gameplay to kids so that they can have a fun learning experience. 

Letter Tracing 

When kids play the letter tracing game, they will learn to identify letters and trace them. In this game, toddlers are encouraged to trace the alphabet letters, essentially teaching them to write and match their hand movements with the letter to trace. This activity can help enhance their hand-eye coordination and finger movements. 

Learning to write is not that easy, especially for toddlers. We understand that it takes a lot of time and practice. A large part of writing is about controlling the hands and fingers, which our letter tracing helps your child with. 

So, before each tracing game, our app plays professionally-animated phonics to help children remember the letters through beat and music. Our letter tracing game helps children gain control over their hands and fingers. This prepares them to write by hand. 

Letter Recognition

Zoolingo is highly regarded as one of the best educational apps for kids because of its interactive and innovative games, including the Letter Recognition game. In this game, kids are encouraged to select the letter they hear. This game captures kids’ attention, motivating them to engage in the game, and maximize their learning experience. 

With the app’s interactive animation and creative graphics, kids can practice what they have learned in the letter tracing game. It also helps enhance their memory and retention of details. 

Other languages have different sets of the alphabet. That’s why our alphabet games are available in 13 languages, which means you can use our app to teach your child other languages.

Letter Sequencing 

The third Zoolingo alphabet game is letter sequencing, where we teach young learners to sort the alphabet letters by sequence. In this game, children can learn to recognize and understand the correct order of the letters. From there, they can sing and memorize the alphabet song with more confidence. 

Our app plays the phonic sound of the letter, which kids have to select. They have multiple options to choose from, and they can tap each option to hear the phonic sounds. They must select the letter that matches the phonic sound given by the app. 

This technique helps children to read, especially those who are closer to attending school. This game also helps kids become communicative and articulate, which can drive them to become excellent speakers when they grow up. 

Teach Your Child to Write Letters of the Alphabet

Parents and teachers are very creative when it comes to teaching their young learners the alphabet letters. Some use music and alphabet phonic songs in teaching the alphabet, and others come up with fun toys and activities. 

Our previous guide, Letter Activities for Toddlers features different low-cost, indoor activities for teaching ABC to children. 

When it comes to teaching children, there’s one thing you should remember: learning to identify the alphabet is one thing, writing and tracing letters is another skill. You can’t expect your kids to recognize the letters and learn to write them simultaneously. 

Some parents buy a handwriting workbook and get their kid to go through the exercises, page by page. While this works, kids usually end up getting bored—and parents end up frustrated. 

Every child is unique—some learn using the traditional techniques, and some learn best when they’re engaged in an activity. Parents must think outside the box and make the learning process fun and stimulating for kids.  

As featured in our previous guide, you can use activities to teach your kids the alphabet. We suggest tactile toys that can enhance their hand movement and improve their control. Such toys will also help develop their sensory abilities. Activities that encourage hand and finger movements allow kids to build penmanship. 

Why You Should Choose Zoolingo 

Zoolingo is one of the most downloaded kids ABC app in the market—for several reasons.  

Child-friendly, secured environment

Our target users are kids aged 2 to 7. Taking that into consideration, we have ensured our app is safe for young learners. Zoolingo guarantees zero pop-out ads, making sure kids can enjoy our educational games without malicious or harmful advertisements. 

Moreover, Zoolingo is easy to navigate and intuitive, gives you confidence that you can let your child enjoy our app with very little supervision. To ensure kids don’t mess up with your subscription, we implement one-time passcode when accessing the settings. This way, you don’t have to worry about your child having access to your digital wallet. 

We added fun sounds and animation to keep kids entertained and engaged. But more than that, our game design can enhance their cognitive, visual, and auditory skills. Kids with speech impediments or other disabilities will also enjoy playing our app. 

Fun and interactive gameplay

Children have a very short attention span. When they don’t enjoy their activity, they are likely to turn their attention to something else—to the dog, television, or shiny toys. Clearly, it’s very easy for kids to lose focus. 

We considered that factor when we created Zoolingo. That’s why we built our app to be highly interactive and engaging, motivating young learners to participate and keep their minds focused on the activities. 

Our fun animation and vivid graphics are visually appealing. Each image in the app can be used to teach kids—animals, flowers, colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, and more. 

Designed for toddlers and preschoolers

Zoolingo is for kids as young as two years old. It’s the best ABC app that you can use for your child’s early home education. This app can help your children gain the confidence they need before attending school. It will also prepare them for writing and reading. 

Our activities allow children to expand their vocabulary. It also helps them to speak articulately, so they become good readers and communicators. 

Zoolingo is more than just the alphabet. Our app covers various subjects, including mathematics, geometry, vocabulary, and music. Kids will also encounter different land, sea, and air animals. They can also sing along to a rich collection of nursery rhymes.

Many of our puzzles are playable using drag-and-drop interaction, which is perfect for young users. We have mazes, math activities, and puzzles that stimulate the mind. These games can help your child improve their logical and critical thinking as they solve the problems. 

Further, Zoolingo is beginner-friendly, allowing children to explore our wide range of games with little to no supervision. Many parents love Zoolingo because it gives them hours of free time to do what they love while their kids are silently learning with the app. 

Download Zoolingo Now!

Zoolingo is the perfect app for setting the stage for early education. Use Zoolingo to support your child’s home learning and widen their knowledge about the alphabet. Zoolingo has a vast collection of fun activities about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, spelling, and so much more. 

Go ahead and give Zoolingo a spin and let your child engage in fun, exciting learning activities that will keep them entertained for hours. Zoolingo is available in 16 languages, and we’re planning to add more languages! You can use Zoolingo to support your child’s multilingualism. 

Learn another language using Zoolingo!