Take your child to the wonderful world of ABC learning with Zoolingo!

Zoolingo helps set the stage for your child’s learning. With Zoolingo, your kids can master the alphabet from A to Z! Enjoy fun, vibrant, and vivid animation, and get sticker rewards in every progress. Zoolingo is for every young learning mind that loves to learn while having fun.

Our fun ABC learning games that will make your child word-perfect in alphabets:


Zoolingo not only teaches kids how to pronounce alphabets but also write them through tracing. This expert-approved method enhances children’s ability to retain what they’re learning while also improving their hand-eye coordination and mobility. Our tracing games will help your child memorize the alphabet and recognize large and small letters.

Our tracing games also include amusing music and entertaining graphics to entice your child to master ABCD alphabets.


After acing the tracing game, our next game will help your child to recognize letters through form and sound. Recognizing letters is one of the most effective ways to ensure your child can use and form alphabets correctly and confidently. Watching teachers point out letters can guide your child in ABC learning, but it isn’t a hands-on quiz. Our Recognition game allows your child to recognize letters using interactive and engaging techniques. It improves recognition and memorization skills, helping your kid build their knowledge and confidence for future learning.


Children learn the most when they’re having fun. That’s why we designed yet another ABC learning game to keep them entertained while learning alphabets. When your child masters alphabet tracing and recognition, you can introduce the sequence game to put their knowledge to the test. 

This game aims to teach children not just to recognize alphabets but also to learn the proper order from A to Z. It also improves visual and auditory recognition as they hear alphabets being pronounced in the game. Our sequence game is highly engaging, offering a stress-free way to master ABC learning.

Meet Teacher Moolingo!

Hi! I’m Moolingo. I’m pleased to meet you! I will be your teacher, and together we will explore the wonderful world of alphabets. Come join me sing phonics, trace alphabets, and recognize letters.

Enjoy a variety of ABC learning games in 13 languages!

You read that right—our ABC learning games are available not just in one, two, or three languages, but 13. You can change the languages of all the games in different in-app, and it takes only a tap! This allows your child to learn multiple languages and master their alphabets.

Zoolingo supports 13 international languages, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic

Don’t just take it from us!

Impressed by the variety of games this app offers, it is also very impressed by the languages it offers, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and many more. Great preschool games free! Learn colors, ABC letters, play ABC puzzles, many different puzzles! Never been Impressed by a kids’ game before. 🙂

– Ann Erickson, Google PlayStore

Zoolingo ABC Learning Games are available on tablets and smartphones!

ABC Learning is fun, easy, and entertaining with Zoolingo Alphabets Game. Our Alphabets game includes:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters tracing and recognition
  • Amusing alphabet music for auditory learning
  • Alphabet sequencing
  • Recognition games

Zoolingo’s Alphabets game spans the entire range of ABC learning, from tracing each letter to organizing them by sequence. They motivate children to learn the basics of ABC and then gradually advance to recognizing and sequencing alphabets.

Our games are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, guiding them in writing and reading so that they can build their confidence when they enter school.

Zoolingo Alphabets Features

Vivid and entertaining animation

What’s a better way to teach children than with fun and lively music altogether with eye-catching animation? We designed Zoolingo in a way that can ignite all areas of child development and skills, so they are ready to enter school, including social-emotional, language, intellectual, motor, and overall literacy. Music invigorates both body and mind, and it is known that it can help children learn the sounds and meaning of words.

Collect stickers

Aside from music and lively graphics, our reward stickers motivate children to progress through the game. By completing stages, kids can collect our expertly-designed animal stickers. They can collect as much as they can, as they continue to excel in the game.

Supports multiple languages

Zoolingo can support your child to become a fluent multilingual speaker. Our ABC learning games are available in 13 languages, all of which can be selected in the game. Learn the alphabets in Russian, Danish, French, and other languages with just a single tap. You may also change the language of all the games, so your child can better improve their language skills.

Easy, beginner-friendly, and safe interface

Zoolingo ABC learning games feature a simple and intuitive interface, so kids can easily navigate through our fun games. Your children can have full and easy access to our ABC learning activities without any pop-out advertisements, ensuring they are safe from unwanted commercials. We’ve made sure that only adults can access the account settings by implementing one-time passcodes.

Interactive and engaging ABC learning activities

Zoolingo’s Alphabet Game, along with other puzzles and mazes, helps toddlers and preschoolers learn the alphabet through tracing games, recognition quizzes, and sequencing activities.

Homeschooling tricks

Our ABC learning alphabet app for kids will give you ideas to devise fun learning activities at home. You will learn to incorporate alphabet learning to their daily routine so that they can ace the alphabets from A down to Z. Here are some fun ABC learning activities:

  • Pick a letter of the day.
  • Ask your child to pick a toy or a thing that starts with the letter.
  • Alternatively, you may ask your child to list down fruits or vegetables that start with the letter.

Independent Learning

Given that our Zoolingo ABC learning app is simple and easy to access, kids can explore our Zoolingo games independently or with your help. Thousands of parents have found Zoolingo to be helpful in keeping their kids focused and learning, giving them time to do house chores and work.

All Digital School-Approved

Zoolingo is an All Digital School Editors’ Pick App, which means you can guarantee that it can help toddlers and preschoolers enhance their ABC knowledge through fun, safe, and interactive activities. All Digital School is an educational platform that provides a comprehensive list of resources for homeschooling, distance learning, and education in general. They pick the best alphabet apps and platforms that meet their stringent requirements and thorough review.

Further, Zoolingo is highly regarded by children, parents, educators, and experts because of its excellent performance, educational content, and fun learning activities.

Why Choose Zoolingo for ABC Learning

With thousands of ABC learning alphabet learning apps available today, what makes Zoolingo unique?

Alphabet Recognition

Zoolingo does not only help your child speak and trace the letters of the alphabet, but it also encourages them to recognize them. By downloading Zoolingo apps alphabet, you can teach your child to recognize all of the letters in a fun and stress-free method.

Our alphabet learning app is loaded with a collection of games that can boost letter recognition. With your help, you can motivate your kid to practice speaking and memorizing the letters.

And because our ABC games are available in 13 languages, you can supercharge their multilingualism.

Alphabets Sequencing

Our game advances as your kid does. As they grasp letter recognition, you can put their knowledge to test through our sequencing game. Letter sequence is just as critical to know as the alphabet. What letter comes after B?

Alphabets Tracing

Zoolingo’s ABC learning games can enhance your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through our letter tracing game. This enables your child to start the basics of writing by tracing out the letters. Don’t worry if your child takes some time to finish a letter, Moolingo the Monkey will help them in each game. Alphabet tracing will also help your child recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.

Parents and teachers love Zoolingo

Parents and educators from around the world love Zoolingo for ABC learning. Here’s what they say about Zoolingo:

“I’ve got 4 kids, and they all love the ABC puzzles, they learn shapes and ABC letters before other kids their age because of small entertaining games like this! Great app!” – Bryson Makua

“This is a very helpful app for learning ABC letter and its shape for your adorable hmm is a very funny app that presented the new systems of kids learning. The preschool zoo app is totally free. By using this app, kids can easily learn colors with amazing graphics.” – Constance J. Simones

“I love Zoolingo because it has preschool games free. The ABC puzzles and animal colors really get the child excited and ready to learn and play along. The preschool zoo theme is a cute idea I know many kiddos will love.” – Bonnie Roberts

“This is the best ABC puzzle games for kids. it is very easy to understand and funny that attracted my kids. my kids learned easily ABC letter by using this app. very helpful & useful app like a preschool zoo.” – Cristina Harrison

“Amazing game for preschoolers An original educational preschool kids games which help to learn and develop mentally by solving puzzles in games. Also, the graphics are amazing and what’s better is the ability to play in different languages.” – Moazzam Khan

More ABC Learning Games At Your Fingertips

Zoolingo is jampacked with ABC learning games, puzzles, and mazes. We designed Zoolingo to be an all-in-one educational and alphabetic app for young learning minds. Aside from ABCs, we also created games that teach children about geometry, math, vocabulary, occupation, and mazes. Check out these fantastic games in the Zoolingo alphabet app:


We believe it’s never too early to start teaching toddlers how to spell. Zoolingo features games that help toddlers and preschoolers ace spelling and become the next spelling bee champion. We are so much more than an ABC learning app. We also strive to enhance your kid’s spelling abilities. 

After mastering ABCs, kids can proceed with the other games in the app, like identifying and recognizing shapes, colors, numbers, fruits, body parts, seasons, weather, measurements, animals, and so much more. 

Learning the ABCs is the foundation for learning all other things. Our spelling games are fun, entertaining, and stimulating—perfect for dedicated learners.


Our goal is to teach kids ABCs and spelling and widen their vocabulary so they become great readers and articulate speakers when they grow up. Our vocabulary involves a wide variety of words, from fruits, vegetables, body parts, seasons, weather, days of the week, emotions, sizes, and so much more. 

Mastering the alphabet and recognizing words are key steps to grow eloquent and communicative kids, enabling them to express themselves with confidence. 

You can use our vocabulary games to teach your child a second language. If your toddler has trouble with remembering words and pronunciations, Zoolingo can help make learning fun, easy, and stress-free. Experts and teachers use Zoolingo vocabulary games when working with kids who have speech impediments.

Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes are proven to be effective when it comes to language acquisition and development. They also help improve kids’ speech development. Further, experts agree that they help develop auditory skills. That’s why we have included a collection of popular nursery rhymes in our Zoolingo app, alongside our ABC learning games and activities. 

These nursery songs use numbers, counting, and other math words that kids need to learn, such as measurement, weight, and sizes. Research has shown that nursery rhymes support kids’ language development and enhance their reading skills and literacy.