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Is your toddler starting to explore the alphabet? Or perhaps you want to introduce alphabet letters as early as possible to get them reading early? If you wish to teach your toddler the alphabet, the best way to do that is through fun plays and activities. You see, play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. 

Children naturally hit learning milestones as they grow. Learning the alphabet is just one of the most critical educational milestones a child must achieve—it’s what prepares them for writing, reading, and speaking fluently. 

But the question has to be asked: at what age should a child know the alphabet?

Toddlers as young as 2 years old can learn the alphabet. When they do, they are likely to start reading at age 3. However, you can’t just force them to sit at a desk and listen to your ABC lecture. And you can’t expect them to write the alphabet in the proper order until they memorize all 26 letters. 

Instead, you can introduce ABC games, interactive toys, and alphabet for toddlers activities that will allow curiosity. That way, not only will they enjoy but learn as well. 

What other ways do you think can help a child master the alphabet? Enrolling your little one in a top-tier school will help in learning ABCs. On top of that, such a facility can help children love learning. Aside from that, there are other ways to help your child learn and ace the alphabet outside of school. Try Zoolingo—an educational mobile app with over 100 fun games and activities, including alphabets for toddlers.

Zoolingo, the Best Alphabet for Toddlers App 

Zoolingo is an innovative and educational mobile app designed for kids aged 2 and beyond. It’s packed with features that kids, parents, and educators love. Further, it’s loaded with over a hundred games, including alphabet games that help teach kids ABCs and master them. Our alphabet games come with cheery phonic songs aimed so kids can familiarize themselves with the phonic sounds and the letters that represent them. 

We understand that every child is unique and may be learning at a different rate and pace. Some children learn the alphabet easily, and others may not be learning at the pace they should. One reason may be that they are not interested or simply undergoing a minor setback. 

That’s why we designed Zoolingo to be highly engaging. We built our app to be interactive, catching your child’s attention so that they can maximize their learning. Use our Zoolingo mobile app to keep your child focused on learning while enjoying our games, puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages. 

We applied several techniques proven to help children memorize, recite, and write the alphabet. 


By the age of three, little ones should be able to recite the alphabet. Yet, every child is different. Some tots may learn the alphabet at age two, and others might not be able to pick them up until the late threes. Generally, children learn the alphabet through repetition. Zoolingo repeats the phonics songs to help kids pick them up quicker, just as they would any song. 

Typically, toddlers can recognize letters between ages 3 and 4. More often than not, they recognize the letters in their name first. For example, a kid named Kevin can remember what the letter K looks like, as well as recognize the other letters in his name. 


To help them build penmanship and better recognize letters, we added a tracing game where they can learn how to write letters in upper and lower cases. By the time they reach age three, they should be able to write the alphabet even before they attend kindergarten or preschool. 


By the age of four to five, children can associate letters with their sounds, also known as phonics. Toddlers, on the other hand, can start familiarizing themselves with phonics even when they cannot speak actual words yet. Zoolingo is filled with fun, vividly animated phonics and nursery songs for letter and word recognition. 

Zoolingo Alphabet Games

When you download Zoolingo, you will enjoy over a hundred games, mazes, and learning activities. One of our prominent games is the Zoolingo Alphabet Island, featuring everything alphabet-related—tracing, recognition, and letter sequence. 

Tracing Game

Our tracing game is fun, highly addictive, and very educational. Millions of kids have learned their ABCs with the help of our letter tracing games. 

How the game works

Choose a language you want your child to learn. Our alphabet games are available in 13 languages. As you know, other languages have a different set of alphabet. By default, the game is set to English. The tracing game starts by playing a phonic song of the letter that needs to be traced. 

The letters have arrows to guide children on how they can write the letter. The red mark will appear as they trace the letter. After every successful trace, balloons, confetti, and stars will appear on the screen to congratulate your kid for the achievement. 

How it benefits toddlers

Tracing letters serves a lot of benefits for toddlers. Primarily, letter tracing can help kids better identify and recognize letters. Hand-eye coordination helps retain the alphabet knowledge, ensuring your little one remembers the form of the letter and its sound. 

Secondly, as toddlers trace the letters, they gain better control of their hands, which can help them build penmanship. Tracing letters is a fun activity that can significantly help children learn the alphabet outside of school. They can do it during their playtime, breaks, or car rides. 

Aside from improving fine motor skills, kids can also enhance their visual-spatial skills, which will help them later with reading and mathematics. Tracing also helps them notice the details, a mindful skill that they can use in making arts. 

What parents say about the game

Mypiggy12@ said:

This is an excellent app! I enjoy playing this app – it is educational and very addictive. There are baby games to learn shapes, letters, etc. The graphic is amazing and is one of the best kids’ games out there. I highly recommend this app for those who play games for toddlers.

Recognition Game

Our letter recognition game is fun, appealing, and simple. It can help kids recognize and identify letters. It also serves as a foundation for achieving academic success and literacy. 

How the game works

The game goes by asking the toddler to tap or select the letter being said. There will be plenty of letters displayed on the board, each is expertly designed to be attractive to young learners. The Speaker Icon at the top allows children to repeat the letter sound. 

Kids must select the correct letter. Tap the wrong letter, and the game will respond with Uh-oh! Choose the correct letter, and enjoy the colorful stars, balloons, and confetti. 

How it benefits toddlers

Letter recognition games have many benefits—and they’re all about making kids become academic achievers! Our recognition game helps little ones point out letters. As they hear the sound, they can say it out loud, which supports oral language development. 

As they tap their devices and select the correct letter, they will also improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. They will also enhance their sense of touch and spatial awareness. 

Letter recognition is critical. Without it, kids may struggle learning letter sounds and recognizing words. Kids who fail to recognize letters and sound them out may have trouble learning how to read. 

What parents say about the game

samoretz said:

Excellent learning game! I enjoy this game a lot, not only for kids but for those who want to play for fun. This is a great app for kids to learn ABC letters and numbers, which is very educational. There are free kids puzzles, which gives them the opportunity to recognize the animals and objects. The mini baby games are entertaining and help those to learn and improve their memories. I highly recommend this game for kids to learn!

Sequence Game

Our letter sequencing game will put your child’s ABC knowledge to the test. By engaging in this curiosity-inducing game, your child can master the alphabet easily and quickly. This game offers loads of entertainment and learning!

How the game works

In this game, we ask the players to complete the sequence by tapping the correct letter. They can hear the sound of each letter, allowing them to reassess their knowledge and analyze the correct letter that will complete the sequence. While this game may be difficult for toddlers, it helps them stimulate their thinking. 

We’ve made sure to keep the fun elements in the game, so they stay focused on sequencing the letters. Our vivid animation, upbeat in-game sounds, and bright graphics are sure to capture young learners’ attention. 

How it benefits toddlers

Sequencing is the process of putting ideas, events, objects, and—in this matter—letters in a logical order. Sequencing may be a challenge for most kids, but it’s an effective way to measure their memory capacity with a letter sequencing game. 

On top of that, the ability to sequence alphabets to the correct order is a solid predictor of their success in learning to read. It’s not just about their ability to remember the forms of letters but also their ability to treat words as sequences of letters. 

Letter sequencing can also help kids differentiate letters that look similar to each other, such as b and d, i and j, and p and g. 

What parents say about the game

CheapLemonade said:

Good game to keep child’s attention! Interesting interactive games for toddlers. Works well for moms who need to keep their children’s attention, especially since it contains multiple baby games that can be chosen and switched immediately. Seems to be a good match for my son, age 3. It even includes multiple language options which are good if you want to teach your child Spanish early on. [It] oncludes ten different nursery rhyme based games. Will recommend it to my friends who need to find games for toddlers, as there is a lot of variety and in this app, and my son, who has ADD loved it.

Zoolingo Phonics

Zoolingo is all about educating little ones. Our goal has always been to make learning fun and addictive. Zoolingo is packed with engaging games that teach kids the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and so much more. 

We also added phonics to support your child’s alphabet knowledge. Phonics is a proven effective way to help kids learn the form and sound of each alphabet letter. Throughout our alphabet games, your kid will repeatedly hear the phonics of each letter. They may not realize it but they gradually instill the knowledge in their memory. 

Not just that, we also added a bunch of your favorite nursery songs in the app. Toddlers may not be able to speak immediately, but through music, they can be familiar with common words and sounds. Listen to the classic Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and so much more

Zoolingo Supports Active Learning

Active learning is the only type of learning that truly matters. And thanks to technology, our learning process has exponentially improved than it was 20 years ago. Most of us (who are adults now) were passive learners. But educators have come a long way, and the way we teach kids has changed. 

Now, learning has become interactive and immersive. We are now using videos, graphics, and programs as teaching aids. In fact, teachers now heavily rely on educational apps to teach their students. Zoolingo, for example, is an app explicitly designed to allow children to interact with the subject matter. These interactions include finger-tracing, drag-and-drop, singing, and dancing. 

In a nutshell, Zoolingo reinforces active learning. We found that this process boosts children’s retention of knowledge and, at the same time, improves their critical thinking skills. 

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