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Keeping your child motivated and engaged while learning isn’t always easy. What’s more, teaching your child the same lessons repeatedly without considering their interest and involvement will not produce the desired results. 

Kids love playing games. Hence, it’s best to use the same strategy while teaching them to make learning much more fun and effective. 

The good news is that there are tons of ABC games for kids. Aside from that, you can find reliable educational apps that make learning fun and easy.

Our Favorite ABC Learning Games

We have several ABC for kids games up in our sleeve, and they are generally easy to set up and cost-effective. Teaching your kids the alphabet at home can help them gain the confidence they need when they enter school. Also, learning the alphabet is the foundation of literacy—it will help them to learn how to read and write. 

Alphabet Bingo Game

This game is much like the traditional bingo game. It can be played with one or more kids. Here’s how you can play this game with your little one:

  • Create alphabet cards and put them in a bowl. 
  • Draw a card from the bowl and sound out the letter. 
  • Then, have your child look for the letter on the bingo card and cover them with small items like bottle caps or buttons. 
  • If they get five letters in a row, they get bingo. 
  • Instead of calling out the letter, you can say any word that starts with the letter. 

There are many variations to play this game. You may also give your child upper and lowercase letter bingo cards and things to cover the spots. Use the letter cards. Your little one will then look for the uppercase and lowercase letters on their bingo cards. 

About the bingo cards, you can make or purchase them from your local store. The alphabet bingo is one of the best kids ABC games because it improves letter recognition, social skills, oral language development, eye-hand coordination, and sensory development. 

Letter Cups

Forcing your child to read a word or a letter can backfire—they will just lose interest in learning the alphabet. However, if you encourage them to learn the alphabet through fun games, they will master the alphabet (and burst out words) before you know it. 

For this game, you will need a few paper cups, alphabet stickers (or you may also write down the alphabet letters with a sharpie marker), and little prizes (pieces of candy or chocolate to act as rewards). 

Here’s how to play this game:

  • Write down an alphabet letter on each cup. You can use as many cups as you need, depending on the difficulty level you want to set. 
  • Turn the cups upside down and hide the little prizes under one of them. Ask your kid to close their eyes and then mix up the cup’s alignment.
  • Ask your little one to open their eyes and guess under which lettered cup the hidden prize is. 
  • If your child guesses it correctly, they will get to keep the prize under it. 
  • Your child will be caught up earning the prizes that they will be boosting their knowledge in ABC without them even noticing it. 

What we like the most about this alphabet game is that it’s ideal for indoors, easy to set up, and budget-friendly. 

Alphabet Letter Lids

Don’t throw the bottle lids just yet. You can recycle and use them to teach your child the alphabet. 

You will need 52 bottle caps (26 for uppercase letters and 26 for lowercase letters). You will also need a permanent marker. 

  • Sort out your lids by size (small- and large-sized groups). 
  • Pick out 26 large-sized caps and write down the uppercase letters inside using the permanent marker. 
  • Write down the lowercase letters in the remaining 26 small bottle lids. After completing all 52 caps, put them in a pillowcase or sack and mix them up. 
  • Ask your kid to sort out the uppercase letters correctly. To make this easier for your child, you can sing along the alphabet song. 
  • If inviting other kids is possible, you may group them up and ask the first group to sort the uppercase letters and the second group to sort the lowercase letters. 
  • Ask both of the groups to align their letters alphabetically. 

Letters in a Shell

Learning ABC games and using them to teach your child the alphabet can ease your pressure as a parent. Alphabet games are designed to be fun and engaging, with the intent to help children focused on their lessons. 

We love playing Letters in Shell—it’s a practical matching game for preschoolers. If you love gathering seashells from the beach, you will definitely love this game. You can use your seashell collection as a tool to teach your child the alphabet. 

For this game, you will need 52 shells, a permanent marker, and a bag of brown rice (cornmeal is also an excellent alternative). 

  • Write one letter onto the inside of each shell. Create a set of uppercase letters and another one for lowercase letters (hence, the need for 52 shells). 
  • Put all of the shells in a large bowl of brown rice or cornmeal. Ask your child to look for the corresponding pairs of lowercase and uppercase letters. 

Alphabet matching games can boost your child’s memorization skills. It will also improve their ability to recognize letters in both uppercase and lowercase forms. Not just that, but such games enhance their fine and gross motor skills. 

Alphabet Marks The Spot Game

If your child loves moving around and can’t stand still, then this is the perfect alphabet game for them. This game requires lots of jumping and hopping and can be played in different ways. By playing this game, your little one will learn letter recognition, letter sequence, letter sounds, and spelling—all of these in one game. 

This game is a high-energy introduction to letters and their sounds. It combines visual and kinesthetic learning to promote language skills. Kids will be able to sharpen their reflexes as they jump or hop to the letters on the mat. 

Alphabet Marks The Spot Game also teaches children to share and negotiate space, take turns, and proactively interact with others, which are key elements to improve their social and behavioral skills. 

When Teaching the Alphabet to Kids

Teaching the alphabet to your kids may not be the most exciting part of parenting, but it’s an integral part of their development. Some parents feel the pressure that their kids must master the alphabet at a certain age, but that is actually far from the truth. 

Kids who struggle with understanding and recognizing the alphabet may just be not developmentally ready to do so—just as how 1-year-old babies are not developmentally prepared to ride a bike or jump. 

What you can do is to wait for your child to show interest in the alphabet. And while you’re at it, introduce the alphabet letters to them. Though your child may still not read, make it a habit to spend time reading to them. Invest in storybooks with lots of illustrations. We also recommend using interactive books. 

While teaching the alphabet to kids using the traditional way (flashcards and memorization), you need to understand how your child learns best. If your little one enjoys books, videos, and music, use it to teach them the alphabet. 

On the other hand, if your child is having more fun playing, jumping, and exploring rooms, use high-energy activities to introduce the alphabet to them. 

Zoolingo Alphabet Games for Kids

Zoolingo is a mobile app intended for children aged 2 to 7. This educational app features hundreds of fun games and activities aimed to help children improve their knowledge in literacy, mathematics, and so much more. 

We have Letter Tracing, Letter Recognition, and Letter Sequencing to help kids master the alphabet through interactive gameplay. With expertly designed graphics and animations, our app captures children’s attention, so they spend more time learning and enjoying our educational games. 

Aside from alphabet games, we also have puzzles and mazes to stimulate your child’s brain. We designed our puzzles in ways that will help them sharpen their logical and critical thinking, which also improves their problem-solving skills.

Zoolingo offers a child-friendly environment—no pop-up ads and solicits. We focus on helping children excel in their academics, and we can only do that by developing a distraction-free app. We also teamed up with early childhood education specialists and seasoned developers to ensure our app provides the best learning experience to young children. 

Download Zoolingo Now!

Thousands of parents and educators love Zoolingo because it has helped their children master the alphabet through fun puzzles and games. We’ve gotten over 4 million downloads, and the number is insanely increasing. 

Zoolingo is a fun-filled educational app that can support your child’s early home education. It is available in 16 languages, which means you can use it to teach your child a second language. 

Zoolingo is a free-to-download mobile app and is available on iOS and Android devices. So go ahead and give Zoolingo a spin!