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Do you have kids already interested in learning the alphabet? Or maybe they need a little bit of a push to start exploring the wonderful world of alphabet letters? If you’re looking for activities focused around on the alphabet for kids, then you’re in the right place. 

Some parents worry too much when they see their kids not getting interested in the alphabet. But the truth is, it’s more important to show kids how much fun songs, books, rhymes, and stories can be. Appreciating these things will prepare them when they get older, and it’s time for them to learn to read and write. 

We always suggest reading stories to your kids. And when you do, encourage your little ones to talk about the stories you read with them. When reading, it’s best to use different voices, then motivate them to join. When you finish reading a story, ask about their favorite part of the story.

You don’t necessarily have to force them to master the alphabet. Instead, wait for them to be developmentally prepared to understand it. And while you’re at it, introduce ABC for kids games and activities that will allow them to have fun as they’re learning. 

Kids LOVE to have fun. They love to play! So, use play to introduce the alphabet. Some parents use flashcards, but we all know they’re not always practical. Kids love it when there is interaction. Our advice is to invest in alphabet board games or letter activities that grab your kid’s attention. 

Zoolingo App for ABC Learning for Kids

An educational app should be able to teach your kids everything that will prepare them for school—and that’s what Zoolingo is all about. Zoolingo is an innovative educational mobile app for kids aged two and beyond. Everything in Zoolingo will give your kids the confidence they need when they enter school, including ABC for kids learning.

Teachers from different parts of the world suggest Zoolingo for early childhood education. If you have a toddler or a preschooler, downloading Zoolingo is the best choice because it packs many games and activities that will enhance your child’s knowledge in various subject areas. 

Our first game focuses on ABC for kids. We have three alphabet games that will help kids excel at identifying and sounding out letters. The ability to recognize and sound out letters is what will prepare them for reading and writing. 

Letter Tracing

Zoolingo’s letter tracing game helps kids learn to write letters. We have phonic songs that play before each round, so kids can remember the letter and its sound. Then, to the fun part: we teach kids how to write the letters by showing a quick demonstration and providing arrows as guides. 

The best thing about this letter tracing game is that you don’t have to print them, saving you money and resources. You don’t have to find free printable worksheets online because Zoolingo is already equipped with a letter tracing game. 

Plus, our alphabet games (including letter tracing) are available in 13 languages. That means if your child wants to learn the alphabet letters of another language, they can easily do so by simply changing the language in the game (with a little bit of your help!). 

Letter tracing helps kids learn ABC writing by improving their fine and gross motor skills. They also get the chance to exercise their hand-eye coordination and build penmanship. 

Letter Recognition

Kids at the age of three can usually recite all 26 letters of the alphabet (with the help of alphabet songs, this is entirely possible). However, every child is unique, meaning some may learn the alphabet faster than others. Some kids may need repetition to master the alphabet, and that’s okay. We want them to take their time and not force them to memorize all the alphabet letters in one sitting. 

After all, the alphabet is new to them, and many of the letters are visually confusing. Not to mention, they also have to learn how to identify uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Zoolingo helps kids recognize the letters through a fun game. This way, kids aren’t pressured to memorize all the alphabet letters. The goal is to give them a good time learning ABCs for kids. We understand that the best way to do this is by incorporating the alphabet lesson into a fun, engaging game.

In our letter recognition game, we ask children to select the letter being spoken. This game will help kids associate the letter forms to the spoken language. They will also repeatedly hear the phonic sound of the letter. For example, if the game asks to select the letter D, they will constantly hear the /d/ sound being said, which will passively be stored in their memories (often, they don’t even realize they’re retaining what they hear and see). 

Letter Sequencing

Our third Zoolingo kids game is letter sequencing, where we help kids arrange the letters in the right order. In this game, kids must select the right letter that will complete the given sequence. To help them recall their knowledge of the alphabet, they can tap each letter to hear their sounds. 

While this game is challenging to some kids, it no doubt stimulates their thinking. The long term benefit of sequencing is fascinating. Kids who are excellent at sequencing can analyze events, ideas, and thoughts in an organized way. 

They become excellent thinkers, being able to decipher the things around them in a logical way. Kids who are critical and analytical thinkers are likely to perform well in mathematics. 

What Parents Say About Zoolingo

Zoolingo is an app that teaches ABC for kids. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Little ones can learn ABC for children and mathematics, geometry, measurements, vocabulary, colors, animals, and so much more. 

Thousands of parents love Zoolingo because the game allows their children to have fun while learning (aside from the fact that the game gives them hours of peace to do the things they love!). 

Here are some of our favorite feedback from parents:

Werdaivilo said:

“The preschool zoo puzzles Zoolingo app is a great option for kids and parents in search of kids games. This game for toddlers offers a variety of languages, so it is universal. The game includes different mini-games that are educational, including games to learn numbers and the alphabet. There are many baby games on the market now, but the zooming app has many games built into one, making it convenient for kids and parents on the go, providing babies, kids, and toddlers with plenty of entertainment.”

Bryson Makua said:

“I’ve got 4 kids, and they all love the ABC puzzles, they learn shapes and ABC letters before other kids their age because of small entertaining games like this! Great app!”

Bonnie Roberts said:

“I love Zoolingo because it has preschool games free. The ABC puzzles and animal colors really get the child excited and ready to learn and play along. The preschool zoo theme is a cute idea. I know many kiddos will love.”

Christina Harrison said:

“This is the best ABC puzzle games for kids. It is very easy to understand and funny that attracted my kids. my kids learned easily ABC letter by using this app. Very helpful & useful app like a preschool zoo.”

Vaishnav Ryhorovich said:

“My toddler loves this app. She’s right at the point where she is starting to learn to write, so this app is a great game and teaching tool at the same time. She has a bit of difficulty with it, but her big sister loves to help her as well, and it’s a great practice of patience for her too. I love that the two of them can work together and learn at the same time. High recommended app!!”

More of Zoolingo Games

We have more Zoolingo games that will boost kids’ ABC learning. We’ve got games that will enhance your child’s critical and logical thinking. Our puzzles help them analyze and solve problems. We also have vocabulary and spelling games to sharpen their knowledge of the alphabet. 

Check out some of our fun, addictive, and highly educational games:


Zoolingo is not just about kids ABC. It also features 16 different vocabulary games for children, featuring everything—from body parts, emotions, sizes, positions, days of the week, to months of the year, and so much more!

We regularly add new words to enrich your child’s vocabulary. Our vocabulary games are easy to play, and kids can enjoy them alone or in a group. It’s perfect for introducing early education. And because our vocabulary game is available in 16 languages, it’s perfect for getting your kid started on the path to multilingualism. 

Not only our vocabulary game will teach your child a second language, but it will also help them remember words and pronunciation. This is ideal for kids who get easily confused with common words. Zoolingo makes the learning process fun and easy. 

By widening your child’s vocabulary, your little one can communicate better and express themselves using the right words. And when it comes to reading, your kid will have a better grasp of proper pronunciation and comprehension. 

Once your kid learns new words, you can test their knowledge by letting them play our vocabulary games and puzzles that deal with different words, such as positions and sizes. Our game also introduces them to the opposite meaning of each word. 


Our goal is to help your child excel in many areas like spelling. Our spelling games are intuitive and easy to play, thanks to our child-friendly interface that allows little ones to enjoy our game with or without supervision. Unlike other apps out there, we don’t let potentially harmful pop-up ads to distract your child from learning. 

Zoolingo spelling game is highly interactive. We want kids to fully engage in the game to benefit from our educational spelling games. To provide a fun learning experience, we added more games for your kids to enjoy. You can find 10 exciting spelling games for kids featuring numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables, emotions, places, and so much more. 

All of our games feature vivid graphics, cheerful music, and exciting sticker rewards. We believe that kids learn more when they’re having fun. That’s why our games use fun animation and upbeat sounds to keep children excited in learning. We also incorporated sticker rewards that kids can collect. It will push them to do their best in each game!

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes may not be as fun for us adults, but kids love them. So, we added a rich collection of popular nursery rhymes in our app that your kids can dance and sing-along over. 

It’s a perfect way to enrich your child’s vocabulary and expose them to new words and sounds. Nursery rhymes use patterns and repetition, helping your little ones learn the basics of speech. 

From Old McDonald’s, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Five Little Monkeys, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Baa, Baa Black Sheep, we got them all. We’ve added fun cartoons and vivid animation to make listening and watching nursery rhymes more exciting for kids. They can clap their hands and stop their feet as they listen to the songs, improving motor skills. 

Download Zoolingo Now!

Supercharge your child’s early home education with Zoolingo. Zoolingo will help your child learn the alphabet through fun games and activities. Our games are available in 16 languages, supporting your child’s multilingualism. Many parents love Zoolingo because it’s highly educational, and it keeps their children learning as they’re having fun.

Use Zoolingo to keep your kids learning during their playtime. They will gain the confidence they need when they enter school. Zoolingo is available on Android and iOS devices. Download the app for free now.