Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

Experts suggest exposing your preschoolers to letters as early as possible to help them recognize letters. Once they can recognize each letter in the alphabet and their corresponding sound, your preschooler can begin recognizing words and reading them aloud. Both the ability to identify and sound out letters are essential to building literacy skills. 

However, teaching preschoolers the alphabet is not always easy. Every child is unique and picks up knowledge differently. Some can learn faster than others, and more often than not, each of them learns differently. But one thing is for sure: alphabet games for preschoolers are an effective way of teaching them letters. 

Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

Letter games for preschoolers are a wonderful way to introduce the alphabet to children, both verbally and visually. They can also help your child exercise both fine and gross motor skills, especially when you have sensory plays available. Through alphabet games, your child can learn a multitude of things without even realizing it. 

In this guide, we will walk you through some of our favorite preschool ABC games that you can try at home with your kindy preschoolers today. 

Scavenger Hunt

We love the alphabet scavenger hunt game! It’s easy to set up and is good for all ages. This is also a low-cost preschool letter game. 

You will need pieces of paper for this game. Start by writing each alphabet letter on an individual piece of paper. Next, scatter them across the room. Ask your preschooler to search for items around the house that begin with each letter and place them on the corresponding paper. 

This is also a great game for toddlers. For toddlers, you can start with five letters. It’s best to teach younger children in chunks, instead of having them learn all the alphabet letters at once. 

Alphabet Soup

This is our second favorite letter game for preschoolers. It’s not only fun but also effective at exposing children to letters. You can play this game in many different variations, but we will teach you the original version of this game in this guide. 

For this game, you will need toy alphabet letters (which you can buy on Amazon or your local stationery store) and a large kitchen pot. Dump all the letters into the pot and let your kid play around, stirring the “‘soup” with a spatula. Whenever they scoop up the letters, encourage them to name each. 

You can also play this game in the bath (by using waterproof letters and small bowls). With so many variations, you can always switch up the game to keep it interesting for your preschoolers. 

Beach Ball Alphabet Game

For this letter game, you will need a sharpie marker and an inflatable beach ball. Start by writing each letter of the alphabet randomly all over the ball. Next, toss the ball to your child. 

After catching the ball, ask your child to name the letter closest to their left or right thumb. The next person they pass the ball to needs to do the same. To spice things up, you may also write numbers in the ball and ask them to name the number closest to their right pinky finger. 

ABC Water Balloon Toss

Summer is just right around the corner, and we have the perfect alphabet game for preschoolers to help you prepare beforehand. For this game, you will need water balloons and Scrabble tiles (or any small letter toys). You will need exactly 26 water balloons, a bucket, water, and Scrabble game pieces (or anything similar). 

To play this game, sort the tiles, so you have one of each (from A to Z). Then, fit each letter piece inside the balloon before filling it with water. Make sure to do this carefully as you don’t want to tear the balloon. 

Remember, this game is designed for the outdoors. After heading outside, ask your child to pick a water balloon for his bucket. You must both take turns tossing the balloon back and forth until it pops. When the balloon pops, have your child search for the Scrabble piece and say the letter. 

On the patio or table, organize the letter pieces alphabetically until the alphabet is completed.

Letter Sounds Toss

Your preschooler must know not only to recognize letters but also to sound them out. And when it comes to that, this is one of the best letter games for preschoolers. 

For this game, you need a ball and pieces of paper. You also need to choose a wall in your house that’s sturdy enough to take a beating. Using your pieces of paper, cut out circles and print or write a letter on each before taping them to the wall. Make sure to place them in random order. 

When ready, say a letter and let your child throw the ball to the right circle on the wall. To make this more challenging, use a stopwatch and time each round. This will challenge your preschooler to beat their own record!


Magnet Matching

Our collection of alphabetical games for preschoolers also include activities that will help them recognize both lowercase and uppercase letters. 

You will need letter magnets for this game, which are readily available in online shops and department stores. You also need to prepare a whiteboard. 

Using the whiteboard, help your preschooler write a combination of lower and uppercase letters forming an alphabet of mixed case. Then, your child will then sort through the magnets to math the opposite case letter to the one written on the whiteboard. 

Help your child work through the alphabet until all letters are matched. The best thing about this game is that you can easily erase the writings on the whiteboard and try again to use different uppercase and lowercase combinations. 

More Alphabet Games for Preschoolers on Zoolingo

If you’re still looking for more alphabet games for preschoolers, then you have got to try Zoolingo! 

Zoolingo is a free-to-download educational app designed for toddlers and preschoolers. It features hundreds of fun games and activities intended to help young learners excel in various subjects, including alphabets, numbers, shapes, spelling, and more. 

We have three main alphabet games that will help prepare your child for school. Our letter tracing, letter recognition, and letter sequence games are expertly designed to help children learn the alphabet at a pace that they can easily pick up. 

When we developed Zoolingo, we consulted early childhood education specialists to ensure our target users (kids age 2 to 7) can benefit from our games and activities. Further, we teamed up with seasoned developers and graphic designers to ensure our app is intuitive, easy to navigate, and enjoyable for our young users. 

All of our games involve bright and colorful animation that really captures the attention of young children. We know that children’s attention span is short, and by incorporating these elements into the game, we catch their attention so they can have a fun learning experience.

Zoolingo Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

Our alphabet games can help preschoolers recognize letters in both uppercase and lowercase forms. With our games, they can match letters with their sounds. 

Letter Tracing Game

Our first alphabet game is the letter tracing game, where we teach children how to trace the letters by hand. While this does not guarantee that they will instantly learn to write letters, the activities are designed to help them memorize the letters and their forms. 

Before each round, we play phonic songs that match the letter to be traced. Our phonic songs have vivid animations and lively beats that will interest the children. 

Letter Recognition Game

Our second alphabet game is the recognition puzzles, where kids are asked to select the letter that matches the sound. This game aims to help children identify the letters not just through forms but also sound. 

Preschoolers can practice their alphabet knowledge through this game. It’s fun, easy, and addicting.

Letter Sequencing Game

Lastly, we have the sequencing game to help children master the alphabet, whether they are in order or not. It’s important that your kid recognizes the alphabet in different sequences. 

In this game, your child will be asked to select the correct letter to complete the sequence to be shown in the game. This game will challenge your child to remember the alphabet based on what they have learned from alphabet songs, letter tracing, and letter recognition games.

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Zoolingo is here to help your child master the alphabet. It offers fun educational games for preschoolers and toddlers. Download Zoolingo now and let your child enjoy hundreds of fun games and activities. 

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