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Alphabet letters for kids may not be very exciting for you, but for your kids, learning the alphabet letters is a huge milestone. The alphabet is the building blocks of literacy. Hence, kids must learn the alphabet as soon as they can. 

If you’re looking for resources and ideas to help your kids learn and practice the alphabet, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will share with you letters for kids’ activities focused on alphabet awareness. Many of these activities are accessible and can be set up at home. 

These activities are engaging, practical, and cost-effective. We will also talk about the best app for learning letters for kids. 

Alphabet for Letters for Kids Activities

There are a lot of activities that will help kids master the alphabet letters. However, when picking an activity, it’s essential to consider your child’s age and ability to pick up information. Kids learn in different ways—some love books, while others love to learn through play. 

Children usually start exploring the alphabet by the age of two. In most cases, they’re able to recite the alphabet by the age of three. Some kids start reading at that same age. But this is not always the case. So, make sure to observe your child and pick activities that interest them the most. Then, use that activity to introduce the alphabet letters for kids. 

Your kid must memorize and identify letters and their sounds to prepare them for reading and writing. Here are some tips on learning letters for kids. 

Tips for Parents

When teaching your kids the alphabet, start with letter names before teaching their sounds. Little ones need to know each letter’s names before you can expect them to master their phonic sounds. 

It’s okay to practice letter recognition within a single learning activity or lesson, but you must ensure that your child knows each of the letters by name. Do this before heading further through the stages of reading development. 

Then, as your child progresses, challenge him to locate letters in different contexts. Let your child circle letters they find in your morning messages. We suggest printing alphabet worksheets then have them find and stamp letters using sharpies or dot markers. 

Once you see your child recognize all the alphabet letters, you can move on to teaching them their sound. Start with simple, one-syllable words. For example, when teaching the letter B, you may introduce different words that start with that letter, such as ball, bear, bee, boat, and box. Then emphasize that the letter B makes the /b/ sound. 

This also gives you the chance to teach your child to count. For example, you can ask your kid to count the number of letters within the word boat

Expose your child to alphabet letters

Some children need to be overexposed to printed letters before getting a grasp of the alphabet. Teachers usually label almost everything inside the classroom to expose the students to the alphabet letters. You can do this in your home, too. 

It’s best to label everything your child uses in the playroom or bedroom. You may label their desk, bed, crayon boxes, toy storage, shelves, and so much more. Labeling their things will help them recognize and practice their letters all day long. The effect is that kids will find intrinsic interest in learning the alphabet. 

We also repeatedly advise that you invest in books and reading materials. It’s important to expose little ones to books at an early age. That will help them find books valuable. 

If you have books and magazines for kids, place them in many locations for kids to explore. Put shelves of books in their room, with the books facing outward so the colors and titles will invite your kids to read through them. Allow your child to free read and explore text within books. 

“But my child can’t read yet,” one might wonder. 

That’s okay. The goal is to expose them to the alphabet letters as much as possible. At the early stages, kids may just scan through the books and look for images. But while they’re at it, they’re exposing themselves to the alphabet letters. 

More things you can do

To help your kids master the alphabet, we suggest pointing out letters daily. Show them simple things, and then point out the letter that starts with it. For example, if your child sees a door with a Push sign in it, you may point that the sign starts with the letter P. Or when you open a storybook, point out the letters in the title or headings. 

Help your child to understand that letters work together to make sounds and form words. 

We also suggest buying letter magnets that your child can play with on your refrigerator or any safe metal surfaces. Encourage your child to order the letters alphabetically or form a simple word with them. You may also give them words that they can match the letters. 

Use Zoolingo to Teach Your Child

Zoolingo can help your child learn the alphabet faster through fun learning games and activities. We have all sorts of games that will help your child excel in many areas, including literacy, mathematics, and so much more. 

To ensure kids can benefit from our games, we consulted early childhood education specialists. We also employed professional developers to ensure our app is safe and secured for young users. 

We also added fun graphics and animations intended to keep children engaged and entertained while playing our educational games. 

Zoolingo is an All Digital School Editor’s Pick app—it’s interactive, engaging, and highly informative. All of our games are designed to aid early childhood education. By playing our games, kids can gain the confidence to prepare them for school. 

The best app for learning letters should possess features that will help young learners grasp the alphabet letters in a stress-free way. That’s why we built Zoolingo to provide interactive gameplay to kids so that they can have an enjoyable learning experience.

Our Alphabet Games

We have three alphabet games to help your kid ace the alphabet: letter tracing, letter recognition, and letter sequencing. 

Our letter tracing game helps children memorize the alphabet letters by writing the letters with their fingers. In this game, children will learn how to write letters. Simultaneously, they will improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. 

We know that learning to write by hand takes time—you can’t force a child to learn to write all the alphabet letters overnight.  A large part of writing is about the ability to control the hands and fingers. Letter tracing will help your child gain control over their penmanship. As they trace the letters on the screen, they will eventually recognize each letter.

Our next alphabet game is the letter recognition game, where we challenge kids to select the letter being spoken. This game is highly interactive and exciting. It will help children to connect the letters with the spoken language. 

The third alphabet game is the letter sequencing. In this game, we ask kids to select the correct letter that will complete the given sequence. Literacy isn’t just about being able to identify letters and sound them out. It’s also about being able to use them even when they’re in or out of order. 

Zoolingo is the best alphabet letters for kids app that they can use any time of the day. They can use it during playtime, so they’re still learning while playing games. 

Why Download Zoolingo

Zoolingo is not your ordinary educational app. It has outstanding features that outshine other apps. We added stickers that kids could collect and save. As they make progress in the game, they will be given fun animal stickers. 

Our app is also child-friendly. We made sure our app is secured and safe for the little ones. There are no random advertisements and solicits that can harm young learners. Zoolingo is entirely ad-free, giving your children the best early home education possible. 

We also made sure that your kids will not mess up with your subscription. So, we implemented one-time passcodes every time you access the app’s account settings. This way, only you can change the settings and manage the subscription. 

Our eye-catching design catches your kid’s attention. Children will meet various land, sea, and air animals in the game. Not only will they learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, but also different animals.

Kids can get easily distracted. Sometimes, they would eventually turn their heads over their pet or toys. That’s why we designed Zoolingo to be highly interactive, ensuring to keep kids focused on our ABC learning games. 

Zoolingo is for children as young as two years old. Enjoy a comprehensive collection of nursery rhymes, coloring pages, puzzles, and mazes by playing Zoolingo. 

Download Zoolingo now on your Android or iOS device for free!

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