Best App for Learning Letters

Every day, more and more ABC apps are popping, all claiming to be the best alphabet learning app. Some are ideal for preschoolers who explore the alphabet, while others are for kids close to reading age. Many of these apps are not worth the money and space on your device. Among these apps is one awesome, perhaps, the best alphabet learning app with heaps of features that you and your kid will absolutely love—Zoolingo!

Zoolingo, the Best Alphabet App

When it comes to teaching the alphabet letters, Zoolingo proves to be the frontrunner—and for several apparent reasons. Here’s what you need to know about Zoolingo:

Zoolingo is an innovative, colorful, and giggle-inducing learning app, featuring hundreds of fun games, puzzles, and mazes that promote cognitive, language, and auditory development, to name a few. 

Our games range from ABCs, 123s, shapes, measurements, sizes, vocabulary, spelling to basic mathematics, and geometry. Zoolingo is the best app to learn ABC, particularly if your toddler starts to show interest in letters.

Further, this is the best app for learning the alphabet that visually appeals to young learners with its bright, lively, and animal-themed interface. As they play the alphabet games and other fantastic puzzle activities, they will also meet zoo animals, which you can introduce to them to widen their vocabulary. 

Zoolingo’s child-friendly design will grab kids’ attention right away. Aside from the attention-grabbing design, kids will enjoy the phonic songs in each alphabet game, helping them to remember and recognize the letters.

Zoolingo Alphabets Games

The best app for learning letters should possess features that will help young learners have a grasp of the alphabet letters in a stress-free way. That’s why we built Zoolingo to provide interactive gameplay to kids so that they can have an enjoyable learning experience.

Letter Tracing

We help kids to familiarize themselves with the alphabet letters through fun letter tracing. With this game, young learners will learn how to write alphabet letters, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and finger movements. 

We understand that learning to write by hand takes a lot of time and practice. A large part of it is about gaining control over the hand and fingers, which is exactly what our letter tracing game is all about. When your kids play our tracing activities, they will learn how to write alphabet letters while recognizing them. 

Before each letter tracing game, Zoolingo plays animated phonics, helping kids remember the letters through music. And because Zoolingo is a mobile app, it teaches not only ABC but also online literacy.

Letter Recognition

Zoolingo is the best app for learning alphabet, thanks to its interactive and innovative letter recognition game. 

After completing the letter tracing game, kids can progress to the letter recognition game, where they will select a letter and hear the letter pronounced. This interactive game captures young learners’ attention, helping them engage in the game, and maximize their learning experience. 

Using images, creative graphics, and interactive animation, kids can jump from familiarizing letters to actually recognizing them for daily use.

Letter Sequence

Our third Zoolingo ABC game teaches young minds to sort the alphabet letters by sequence. With this game, kids can better comprehend the alphabet letters by order, and from there, they can sing and memorize the ABC song with more confidence. 

Kids can hear the letters being pronounced in the game, helping them remember what each letter sounds. This technique is especially helpful for kids close to reading. It also makes them communicative and articulate, which can then lead them to becoming excellent speakers.

Zoolingo Features That Your Kids Will Love

Zoolingo’s outstanding features prove that it’s the best app for learning the alphabet. We added several elements in the game that kids, parents, and educators love.

Stickers to mark milestones

Each time your kid reaches a certain milestone, they will receive zoo animal stickers to collect and save in the game. It’s the best way to reward them for their progress and efforts. You may use the stickers to teach your kids about different animals and what they sound like.

Child-friendly environment

We hate pop-out ads as much as you do. Zoolingo offers a safe and kid-friendly environment without any random advertisements and solicits that can harm young learners. Unlike other apps, Zoolingo is an ad-free educational app that helps kids get the best early home education. 

To avoid your kids messing up with the subscription, we have implemented one-time passcodes when accessing the app’s account settings. This way, only the adults can access the settings and manage the subscription.

Eye-catching design

We’ve been building educational apps for kids—it’s one of the many things we do best. We designed Zoolingo to catch your kid’s attention, so they will enjoy learning while having fun. 

Meet different land, sea, and air animals in the game. As you explore more of our games in Zoolingo, your kids will encounter a wide variety of animals, ranging from zoo animals, farm animals, flying animals, fishes to adorable furry cats.

Interactive gameplay

It only takes a couple of seconds to make kids turn their heads over bright, shiny toys and eventually lose focus. So, we make sure to keep them highly engaged in our ABC learning games through interactive gameplay.

Designed for kids 2 years of age and beyond

Zoolingo is designed for toddlers as young as two years old. We’ve incorporated a rich library of nursery rhymes, a collection of coloring pages, and various animal stickers to get them started. With these giggle-inducing activities, toddlers will learn to form words and recognize colors.

Parents and Educators Love Zoolingo

Many parents and educators regard Zoolingo as one of the best apps to learn ABC. We’ve employed highly skilled developers and teamed up with educators to create a highly educational app like Zoolingo. 

Our games are well-thought-out and guaranteed to deliver an excellent and enjoyable learning experience for young minds. Zoolingo is for toddlers who are starting to explore the letters of alphabets and preschoolers preparing to enter school. 

To enhance our educational app and make it beneficial, we consulted early childhood development specialists to ensure we get the best game ideas that work perfectly for young learners. We asked what elements should be included and taken out and what content we can complement in the game that’s already available. 

Zoolingo’s ABC learning games aim to help children write, pronounce, and recognize letters, so they can get better at communicating and expressing themselves using the right words. 

We’ve added fun sounds and animation to enhance their cognitive, visual, and auditory development. Kids with speech impediments or other special disabilities will also enjoy playing our puzzles, mazes, math activities, coloring pages, and many more.

Learning ABC Made Easy with Zoolingo

Learning ABC is the most important step before kids can start speaking and reading. In fact, it is the building block of literacy. When toddlers know their ABCs, they are more likely to get better at reading and have a lower risk of academic failure. 

When they learn the alphabet and their sounds, it can benefit their overall reading skills, making them excellent readers when they grow up. The earlier your kids start learning letters, the more fluent they get as they age.

Not to mention, Zoolingo is available in 16 languages. You can access our alphabet games in 13 languages, and switching from one language to another is as easy as a tap on your screen. With this feature, you can jumpstart your child to multilingualism. 

By downloading Zoolingo, your kids will enjoy:

  • The intuitive, easy-to-navigate game interface allows them to explore our wide range of games with little to no supervision.
  • Easy drag-and-drop activities perfect for beginners. 
  • Mental stimulation from puzzles, mazes, math activities, and more.
  • Letter tracing games help them control their hands and fingers, helping them prepare to write by hand. 

Learning alphabet letters with Zoolingo is key to school readiness. It supports kids to become confident at reading and writing and distinguishing letters and recognize different phonic sounds.

Try Zoolingo Now!

Zoolingo sets the stage for early education. Use our educational app to support your kid’s home learning and widen their knowledge about letters. Zoolingo features a wide collection of fun activities about alphabets, numbers, shapes, mathematics, vocabulary, nursery rhymes, spelling, and so much more. 

Try our app for free and let your kid experience exciting learning activities that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. 

We’ve got a load of phonic songs to accompany our games, so young learners not only play but also enjoy great, educational music.